Always treat others with respect

Always ask when unsure

Always keep machines and the machine area clean

Always respect the tools - use them how they are supposed to be used

Always disconnect the power to a machine while it is being adjusted, serviced or repaired

Always use appropriate eye, ear and lung protection.

Always label your projects with your name and contact info

Always clean up after you are done working


Never enter the workshop without having signed a waiver (parental signature if under 18)

Never enter the workshop without a tour and orientation first

Never operate a machine without a Shop Technician on premises

Never operate a machine when tired or while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other mind altering substance

Never place fingers, hands or any other body part in the path of a cutter, blade or other cutting tool while it running

Never reach into a machine or at a machines blade or cutter while it is running

Never interrupt or distract a person while they are operating a power tool

Never walk behind a table saw or any other power tool while it is being used

Never talk on your phone or have music earphones on while operating a power tool

Never wear loose clothing, loose long hair or jewelry while operating a power tool

Never operate a power tool that you are not familiar with or one that you have not had prior training on